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Business Services & Facilitation Packages


 We help companies penetrate and thrive in the Ghanaian market by providing them with a long list of facilitations services that cut across various sectors of the economy.

We engage ourselves in all the roles and task required by companies to thrive in their area of business. Among the Services, we provide:

  • Accounting assistance - Our accounting teams are dedicated to helping you comply with the local reporting requirements of Ghana. We also offer a wide range of accounting related services to help improve your operations in Ghana. Nordic Alliance is able to act as an extension to your finance department; helping you to stay on top of the reporting and regulation risks often presented by international trading in Africa. Legislation and regulations can differ hugely across borders. Using our in-country experts, you can stay on top of regulatory changes through having constant access to our qualified team who strives to understand your business.

  • Company and Statutory Registration and Compliance – Starting and registering a new company in Ghana can be a stressful and expensive venture if not correctly done and through the right channels. At Nordic Alliance, we help you navigate this process seamlessly and get your business incorporated without the usual hassle. We also assist you in being registered and staying compliant with all the statutory bodies.


  • Market Research - Our Market Research Service will offer you a thorough market research within your chosen field; here, we collect comprehensive information and data to determine whether your product/service will satisfy the needs of your customers in Ghana. With our market research, your company will gain invaluable information about local competitors, demographics, current market trends, economic shifts and spending traits of your customers.


  • Mainstream and Social Media Advertising - Our tailor-made advertising services will help you generate immediate results and exposure to customers. Our advertising services will allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available in Ghana. We will help you put together an advertising campaign that will cut through the clutter and target your audience specifically.


  • Freight and Transport assistance - This service package will provide you with a wide range of services to support your shipping and transportation needs, and our qualified team and local partners will guide, assist, and aid you in all aspects of shipping and transporting goods within, and to and from Ghana.


  • Immigration services – The immigration process can be cumbersome in several jurisdictions, Ghana included. Nordic alliance assists your employees in acquiring all the necessary travel and foreign resident documentations. This allows your employees the freedom to travel in and out of the country hassle free and work without immigration challenges.


  • Accommodation, Car Purchase and rental – This service assist you in acquiring the perfect Office complex as well as residential space for your employees. We will provide you with a vast portfolio from which to choose. Nordic alliance also assist your business and acquiring the required vehicles needed for your business. Whether you are interested in an outright purchase or short-term or long-term lease, our team is ready and willing to assist you make the right decision.





Other Services

Registering and starting a new business requires a lot work and we are ready and willing to assist you with any other services you might need. We will provide you with a tailored service package to cater for you need.


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