fiber optic

Improve your skills, and become a certified FOA Fiber Optic Technician.

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"Throughout the 20-day training program by Nordic alliance, I have learned a lot and do have a broader knowledge in fiber optic communication now. The learning environment was very easy going where  questions were asked and answered in an affable atmosphere. Training involved slide presentation as well as hands-on practical work. The instructor was not only approachable and encouraging but demonstrated in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of study."

- Theodore Peter Yebuah

By the end of the course:

As an Certified FOA Fiber Technician,You will have the knowledge and skills to work with state-of-the-art cabling for telephones, security systems and LANs. You will be able to terminate and splice fiber optic cables, as well as troubleshoot and document fiber systems within industry specifications.

Individuals who complete the Fiber Optics courses will find that their improved skill set is valued by employers in many industries.

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